You May Be Damaging Your Hair

Does it seem like your hair isn’t flourishing like it could? Sometimes we think we are taking care of our hair, when in actuality we may be harming it. It may be something you are doing, or maybe not doing, that could be causing these hair crimes. Here are some things people do (or don’t do) to black hair that negatively impacts the health of their hair.

1. Too Much Heat

Even a once over with a scorching curling iron can permanently damage your hair. Try something less intense, like wrapping it at night or even satin-covered rollers. Occasionally you can use a thermal styling tool, but use a heat protectant between the iron and your hair.

2. Bleaching

Unfortunately, bleaching is not healthy for black hair. Sure, you can be platinum blonde if you want. The trouble is, it’s going to cost you your hair. Sometimes natural hair can withstand the coloring, but it would require a heavy amount of conditioning. Maybe try a different color, one that is not too many shades away from the original.

3. The Wrong Products

Retailers will stock products marketed toward African Americans, though many of these products aren’t good for hair. Oftentimes, they contain ingredients like petroleum, or are so heavy that your hair will never “bounce and behave.” Use a good brand; something like Paul Mitchell will work with all hair textures.

4. Shampooing Too Often

Some hair textures may require a daily shampooing. Black hair, however, is not one of them. Even when you do shampoo (recommended amount is once or twice a week), you should be sure to use gentle cleansers. Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate, the ingredient that gives shampoo a lot of lather This chemical will strip out natural oils and oils are necessary to maintain well-moisturized tresses that do not break.