What Makes Clip-in Hair Extensions So Awesome!

Not all of us are blessed with Disney Princess locks, but what if there was a way to achieve them? Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect choice for adding length, volume and color to your hair – almost instantly!

 Hair clip

Here are 4 reasons we love them:

Low Maintenance

If you’re looking for a quick and easy, low maintenance hair enhancer, clip-in hair extensions are the perfect option for you! As opposed to sewn in or glued in hair extensions which require a hairdresser to put them in and take them out, clip-in hair extensions can be fitted completely by yourself. Just clip in and go!

More Freedom

One of the main benefits of getting clip-in hair extensions is that they offer more freedom over other types of extensions. Instead of wearing them all the time like you do with regular extensions, clip-in hair extensions are useful for short periods and special occasions. What’s great about clip-in hair extensions as opposed to glued or sewn in pieces, is that you have complete control over your lovely, long locks - you can clip them in and style them however you please.

Runway-Inspired Hairstyles

If you’ve ever been inspired by red carpet looks, clip-in extensions are a great way to achieve the look you aspire to have. Clip-ins are a very popular method of hair enhancement, endorsed by celebrities and stylists. Whether it’s a fishtail braid that’s trending, or simply soft waves and bangs, you just need to clip them in and style them as you please.

Less Damage

Another benefit of clip in hair extensions is that they don’t cause thinning or breakage as they don’t pull on the hair as much. Instead, they are much gentler as they do not permanently sit on your head.

Now that you know how to achieve longer, fuller and more voluminous hair almost instantly, check out our range of clip-in hair extensions. With a variety of textures and lengths, our clip-in hair extensions are perfect to achieve an instant, celebrity look without the expensive salon prices.

Hair clip