Wearing Weaves Like A Celebrity

Want a new look now and don’t want to wait for your mane to cooperate? Weaves are growing in popularity quickly with high profile celebrities aiding to the trend. In a fast paced world where time is ever fleeting, many women are turning to hair weaves to change it up a bit without having to wait for their hair to be ready for the transformation.

Good hair day or bad hair day? Who cares now that women are taking the guess work out with weaves and extensions at the local salon. And it’s not only at the salon where they’re finding a quick makeover: even corner drugstores are now offering clip-in pony tails and hair pieces at an affordable price.

Whether you’re on the red carpet, or just heading to that client meeting across town, having the option to mix it up on a more frequent basis sure has its appeal. No longer stuck with a look that just isn’t working, weaves are offering greater options that are as easily available as a few hours with your stylist.


Weaves and hair extensions are becoming popular with women from all walks of life, knocking down stereotypes and previous assumptions. The trend really has taken hold in the styling world allowing some cosmetologists to open salons offering the service exclusively; something unheard of just a few years ago.

It’s really all about options and the opportunity to shake things up a bit more frequently than normal. Why stay with a bad haircut when a weave or extension can having you looking like a runway model as the mood pleases? Trend setters note that famous women such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian are doing it and rocking the paparazzi frenzy everywhere they go. No need to let fate decide your glow. Weave it and own it!

Source: Chron.com

Photo Source: Black Women Beauty Central