Victoria's Secret fashion show: The evolution of hairstyles through the years

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has emerged to be one of, if not the most awaited fashion show in the world of glamour. Victoria’s Secret has created a unique identity for itself and the models who represent them depict this. Right from their hair, to their props and down to the very execution of the show. When you think VS, you think angel wings, beautiful bodies, glamorous lingerie, big performances and how can we forget, the big beachy waves and perfectly messy hair. This wasn’t how it always was though. The first ever show back in 1995 was simple, for lack of a better word.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, and look at the various hairstyles through the years. Continue reading for some major inspo!

1995 – 1999

In the early years of the show, the hairstyles of the models were mostly characterized by sleek bobs and perfect blowouts. However, Naomi Campbell was one of the few who steered away from the regular and went with a messier curly do. She wasn’t alone in this, with models like Helena Christensen sporting a boyish crop and Tyra Banks, a high side ponytail.

1999 – 2002

Come 1999, the brand decided to be more consistent with their hairstyles. From 1999-2002, all the models walked the ramp with straight, long hair. Some even wore hair extensions to achieve the desired waist length.

2003 – 2007

2003 came with a magical wand, the curler. For the next few years, the models wore their hair in different curls for a fun but messy hair do. Tight and soft or big and bouncy, the models wore their center parted, gorgeous hair with confidence. For the next four years or so, the show and its stylists went with this look and it had us swooning over it.

2008 – 2016

Enter 2008, and bam! The birth of the signature VS hair – big tousled waves, perfectly set to look effortless and fun. My favourite till date, the beachy waves gives me whole new hair goals. As stunning as it is, this hairstyle is also extremely easy to achieve. Use a straightener, pull outwards and turn or use a medium size curling wand, you can get the look at home.

The fact that beachy waves went on to become a signature hairstyle lasting eight years, speaks volumes of the kind of inspiration they’ve created for women around the world. This particular hair trend is such, that no one can go wrong with. Morning or night, you might go for a movie or a black tie event, wear your big beachy waves in style.

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