Understanding The Difference Between Hair Weaves And Extensions

Weaves and extensions are used by women of all ethnicities to enhance their natural hair. They are often confused as being the same thing, but this article explains the difference.


Weave is a term which refers to synthetic or human hair used to change the appearance of someone’s natural hair, by adding hair to their natural hair. Specifically, a weave is a reference to the style someone has when their hair is totally braided. Once the braids have been fully constructed, they are joined to the natural hair with the use of a needle.

The advantage of a hair weave is that they can instantly add length and volume to your hair. Also, there are a variety of colours, lengths and hair types(straight, wavy, curly) to choose from. The disadvantage of a weave is that if the braids are too tight, they can hurt, put strain on your scalp and cause hair to fall out at the roots.


Extensions refer to lengths of hair attached to the natural hair using special tapes, adhesive or clips-ons. Each strand of hair is attached individually to the natural hair, and is thus a time-consuming process. Around 100-300 extensions are added to one person to make the hair look natural.

The advantages of extensions are that they help women with thinning hair and people who have short hair achieve a fuller head of hair. Some disadvantages are if they have been glued on, it hurts to take them off and the glue can also damage your hair.

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