Tips For Maintaining Your Look With Hair Extensions And Weaves

You’re excited about your new look and will want to make it last for as long as possible, so practicing an aftercare regimen is your best insurance. By using a bandana, witch hazel, and washing with detergent and silicone free shampoos, your hair pieces will look healthy and be long lasting.

Hair extension

Step 1. Before going to sleep, gather up all of your hair and fasten it under the bandana. This can be accomplished by creating a triangle with the corners of the bandana and tying a knot under your hair. This will protect your hair from excess friction.

Step 2. Gently wash your hair every two days using silicone and detergent free shampoos and conditioners. Those have a tendency to leave a residue and dissolve the glue, thus causing an early reinstallation.

Step 3. To avoid stress at the installation point, collect all of your hair into one hand, using the other hand for brushing. It’s highly recommended that you do not blow dry your hair. Instead, let your hair air dry. When using other heated styling devices, apply a heat-protected serum beforehand.

Step 4. To avoid any accumulation of product, use witch hazel to invigorate the scalp and stimulate production of your own natural oils. Just apply witch hazel liberally, in between washes.

Following these guidelines will guarantee a beautiful and more durable weave. Make sure to schedule visits with your beautician for retightening, application, or removal of extensions. They can also offer further advice and answer to any questions you might have