The Popularity Of Hair Extensions

The emerging trend in Hollywood is longer, lustrous hair. While some celebrities will stick with short hair, it seems that more and more of the biggest names in Hollywood are coming out with bountiful locks of hair. So how does one obtain a wonderful cascade of full bodied hair? While a number of hair products may boast the ability to encourage growth, nothing is easier or more accessible than hair extensions. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez have all had hair extensions.

The upside to hair extensions is that you have no more bad hair days. Downsides are breakage and extreme hair loss (if the job is done poorly). Yes, the downside could be potentially embarrassing, but if the job is done properly, the risk is minimal.

Price can range between $100 for a walk-in at Just Extensions, L.A.’s first hair extension “bar,” to $4,500 for a more professional treatment. The price is typically determined by the quality of hair. Be cautious, though. Shops can identify their hair as “100% human” even though it is only comprised of a certain percentage of actual human hair. The advantage of human hair is that it can be ironed and colored, while synthetic hair cannot. You need to be able to trust your salon and know what kind of hair you’re getting. If you end up with a mostly synthetic blend you are, as they say, getting what you pay for.

Time necessary for application and removal of hair extensions varies from 45 minutes to two hours. This is a leap in innovation, as it used to take around six hours to attach and remove the hair-lock extensions every couple of months. Maintenance is required and extensions need to be tightened every few months in order to prevent tangling that can pull out real hair.

Source: Hollywood Reporter