The Long & Short of Celebrity Hair Extensions

Ever wondered how that one celeb you follow, always has perfectly set hair whatever may be the occasion? Whether they’re attending a red carpet event or casually running errands, their hair is always on point!

While scrolling through Instagram, I came across a lot of paparazzi pictures of some of my favourite celebs and I couldn’t help but notice how they always look presentable and ready for the cameras. So apart from having full makeup teams, fashion stylists and hair experts at their beck and call, what’s their secret to perpetually looking flawless? I’ll give you a hint – we at IndianHair can help. Yes, you guessed right, hair weaves and extensions of course! Being a celebrity may be all glitz and glam, but they are under the pressure to constantly revamp themselves and keep up with trends while also managing to stand out of the crowd. Curious to know which one of your favourite celebs are loyal fans of hair weaves and extensions? Keep reading to find out.

BEYONCE – hair extensions or not, this woman is goals. Whatever style she sports, the confidence she exudes is what rightfully makes her Queen Bey. According to sources, with back to back shows and never ending work, she hardly has time to style her real hair so she prefers hair extensions. Whether its long flowy waves or short textured bobs, she likes to keep her hair looking playful and effortless. It is hard to spot this star with her natural hair, but we ain’t complaining.


RIHANNA – from her famous angled bob to her fiery red waves, this pop star sure knows how to rock it all. From full on wigs to beautiful hair extensions, Rihanna has never been one to shy away from trying something new. While her dark red hair and big waves were one of my favourite looks, her bob was what gained popularity all around the world and soon came to be known as the Rihanna style.


SELENA GOMEZ – How else did you think she pulled off a bob one day and the most beautiful cascading waves the next? Selena might’ve never gone rogue with edgy hairstyles, but she certainly has pulled off some of the most beautiful hairstyles that I’ve seen. Currently sporting an adorable bob, she’s tried long curls, short waves and even fun bangs, all of which have made us slightly envious to be honest.


KYLIE JENNER – From elegant platinum hair to edgy jet black, and quirky blorange hair to brave shiny teal, we’re starting to think this one will try it all! An ardent fan of hair extensions, Kylie has a line of her own inspired by all the trends she experimented with. In an interview, she mentioned that she feels like a new person every time she changes her hair and absolutely loves it. That seems like a pretty great reason if you ask me.


I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m feeling inspired to try hair extensions that I wouldn’t normally go for. Maybe long and straight? Whatever it is, you can find it all here at . If you decide to go for hair extensions, there’s nothing better than Remy Virgin Indian Hair to keep your hair tangle free and natural looking.

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