Stylishly Iconic

These inspirational beauties have made big waves for black women in the fashion world.

In 1968, Naomi Sims modeled for the cover of Ladies’ Home Journal. She was the first black woman to have ever done this. Her modeling career skyrocketed from there; gracing the pages of countless magazines and runways. She went on to open her own line of wigs called The Naomi Sims Collection, which grew to include cosmetics, fragrances, and books on beauty.

Legendary jazz singer, Billie Holliday, depicted a style of elegance through her music and fashion. She was often seen wearing pearls and luxe furs. Her trademark style of a white gardenia tucked behind the ear is unforgettable and classic.

Iman is a Somali-born model who exudes sexiness and femininity. She started her own cosmetics company for women of color. In 2010, she was presented with a Fashion Icon Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Dororthy Dandridge starred in movies alongside Harry Bellafonte and John Wayne. She was the first African-American to be nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award. She is also remembered for her ever-evolving style, from strapless dresses to cropped pants and popped collared shirts.

First Lady, Michelle Obama, always looks poised while wearing a variety of low and high fashion clothing. Her beauty also shines through hard working nature; helping military families, and also fighting childhood obesity.

Pam Grier is the embodiment of 70’s style. She is known for her acting roles, playing characters that are sassy and fearless. She was the first African-American to star in an action film. Her iconic mod style of go-go boots and midriff tops is still mimicked today.

These are just a few of the ever-growing list of black women who have inspired the style and fashion of people everywhere.

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