Simple and Important Hair Weave Care Tips You Must Know

Rock your weave in style with these simple but important tips to keep your weave looking as good as new!

•  Have your hair installed in a professional salon, to keep it steady and natural-looking.

•  Wear a waterproof cap while swimming, and try to keep away from rain.

•  Wash the hair at least once in 2 weeks with warm water. Do not use cold water to wash the hair.

•  Use a hair shampoo as well as a conditioner when washing.

•  Use a wide-tooth comb to brush you hair. Start at the ends, and gently work your way up towards the roots.

•  Loosely wrap hair in a silk scarf at night, to prevent breakage and split ends as you sleep.

•  Do not use too much oil or spray as it can make your hair greasy and weight it down.

•  Use an eye dropper bottle to apply oil only to your scalp, and not the hair.

•  Do not dye your hair yourself. Visit a professional salon for this purpose.

Hair Weave Care

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