Scam Alert: Your Virgin Brazilian Hair is NOT from Brazil, nor is it Virgin

So you just spent your hard-earned coins on some exotic hair extensions that were labeled ‘Virgin Brazilian’. You had other options to pick from – Peruvian, Mongolian, Malaysian and a host of other country origins. 

 Think about this, when did you hear of Brazilian women shaving their heads for religious purposes or just for profit? There is no concept of large-scale donation of hair from the Brazilian community, and it is impossible to source commercial quantities of hair from Brazil to supply masses across the globe. We think it’s time to watch out for these marketing ploys by Chinese vendors who entice you to spend your dollars on low-quality processed human hair – which could even be mixed with synthetic fibers, animal “filler” hair, and scraps of fallen hair collected from the floors of salons. The purpose of this blog is to educate you on scams such as these, what you’re really getting, and to make sure your hair investment is ethical, and worth every dollar spent.

Your Virgin Brazilian Hair is NOT from Brazil


The false labeling of your hair though, is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s unravel the next dirty secret: your exotic “Virgin Brazilian” hair is most likely not “Virgin”. If it was untouched or unprocessed as your supplier claims, each bundle ought to be different because the hair is sourced from different women. However, you’ll find your fake hair bundles weirdly consistent in texture, and with the same curl or wave patterns across bundles. Also, when you run your fingers through, these bundle will seem smooth and silky. Now that’s because your supplier has another trick up his sleeve. The hair is coated with silicone so that it feels soft and doesn’t tangle in the first wash. However, as soon as you apply some heat treatment and continue to wash it, the silicone coating wears off – and your hair begins to get tangled and matted, while losing its shine. It also begins to shed excessively, and doesn’t last very long. What’s worse – the use of excessive chemicals and synthetic fibers can lead to skin and scalp allergies. Hair purchased from beauty supply stores is most likely to have been treated with silicone, and incorrectly labeled “Brazilian” or “Indian”, as described above. Such hair is usually sourced from scraps, and mixed with synthetic fibers.

Your Virgin Brazilian Hair is NOT from Brazil


What kind of hair must you then invest in? Research and experience will tell you that Virgin Indian Remy hair is the finest quality available in the market. Typically, hair is of “remy” quality when it has been collected from a woman’s head while in a ponytail – so that the cuticles are intact and not stripped. This careful collection process ensures that the hair remains tangle-free throughout its lifetime. You could also treat the hair just as you would your natural hair – from washing to coloring and heat styling. 

 You’re probably wondering why women in India to donate their hair in this manner? No, they DO NOT expect to be compensated for it, nor are they tricked into the process. Such donations are done willingly as part of a religious ritual. And even if you were to quit buying extensions, women in India would still continue to donate their hair. Temples in India are thus, the primary source of authentic human hair.

 At, we source our hair directly from temples in India. We also manufacture weaves and extensions in our own factories – so you save on middleman costs and hidden processes. Our weaves are laboratory certified as being made from 100% human hair. We are driven by honesty and authenticity – and will never compromise on quality – even if it means competing with a gamut of vendors selling fake hair with higher profit margins. Feel free to ask for a copy of our authenticity certificate if you are still unsure of a purchase with us.

Your Virgin Brazilian Hair is NOT from Brazil

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