Natural Curly hair with a twist – Ivy Dear goes bright orange!

Summer is here and it’s time for some adventure honey! Always wondered what you’d look like with crazy coloured hair? Well, you’d look crazy good of course. This week, YouTube sensation Ivy Dear has gone wild using orange-copper hair colour to revamp her Natural Curly hair weave from In this simple DIY video, she teaches us how to dye our weave all by ourselves. Now, how cool is that?

Ivy begins by covering the length of the weave with bleach, concentrating on the areas where she’d like more pigment from her hair dye. While mixing the bleach, she makes sure to keep the consistency creamy so that it can get through the thick strands of hair and result in good coverage all over. After carefully wrapping the weave in tin foil and letting it sit for 35 minutes, Ivy is left with gorgeous, bleached, scrumptious curls that are still healthy looking, undamaged and untangled. She goes on to apply the deep copper hair dye all over the body of her hair and allows it to sit for around 45 minutes for a rich, bright effect.

The end result? A copper-orange dream! What starts out as fluffed up, dark brown wavy hair turns into gorgeous tight curls with hues of bright orange and deep copper. Frankly, I’m now ecstatic to get my own weave and try out some funky colours for the summer.

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