Is It Morally Right To Buy And Sell Donor Hair Where Donors Are Not Compensated?

While the use of hair extensions has become increasingly common, there are also rising ethical concerns on how the hair is sourced. Virgin Indian remy hair is considered to be the finest quality hair available on the market. Where does this hair come from, and are the donors compensated?

In India – men, women and children donate their hair at temples for religious purposes. This practice is knows as Tonsuring. In South India, there is a small temple town called Tirupathi where thousands of people practice tonsure on a daily basis. The hair is donated, not with the intent of making money from it, but for religious beliefs. Individuals who participate in this process believe their donation is a way to purify themselves and offer sacrifices to their deity. They are not forced or tricked into this process, but participate voluntarily.

If the world were to quit buying hair extensions, it would in no way eliminate the tradition of hair donations. What it would do, however, is govern the way that shorn hair is handled. If there was no use for it, then it would merely be discarded as trash. This is exactly the way it was handled before the hair extension industry came into being.

Manufacturers take the hair that would otherwise be thrown away, and re-purpose it. This potentially brings a lot of joy and happiness to others. So many people feel good about wearing hair products – it boosts their confidence, and no one could say this is not a good thing. Then, there are those who have lost their hair because of diseases like cancer. They have an opportunity for artificial hair replacement that looks totally natural, is hygienic and comfortable to wear.

The argument about ethics could go one step further, in that the individuals who are participating in hair donations do not actually receive the money for their hair that is being sold. However, they do receive indirect benefits. The temple where the ritual is performed receives the money that is then used to benefit the community in which many of the donors live. The money goes towards tending to medical needs, food, education and clothing for those who cannot afford these necessities in life. In addition to this, the hair extension companies provide much needed employment opportunities for many within the area.

The next time you are shopping for Remy Virgin Indian Hair, you can do so with a clear conscience. You can also take comfort in the fact that your purchase is helping those who are less fortunate. However, you must be sure to buy from a trusted vendor. At, we specialize in 100 percent virgin Indian remy human hair which comes directly from the donors of temples in India.