Helpful Hair Fall Tips

Even celebrities experience hair fall. Fortunately for them, there are all manner of scalp treatments that you could spend a small fortune on for treatment. That may be all fine and dandy if you are on the movie star budget but what about the rest of us? Keep your hair expensive fall treatments at a minimum with some practical advice.

The first thing you may wish to change is a habit many women don’t realize is hurting the scalp: wet hair needs to dry before brushing. When you brush wet hair, you are increasing the chances of breakage. So it’s best to let the tresses dry out before you take the comb to them.

Towel-dry your hair with gentle care. Too often being in a hurry means vigorous rubbing and tossing. Slow down and let the towel do the work by absorbing the water. The faster you set the hair to the towel, the more stress you are putting on the scalp. When in doubt, dry it out gently.

When it’s time for the comb, use a wide-toothed brush to detangle hair tenderly. Blasting through a tangle like a bull in a china shop is going to cause breakage. Be nice to your hair and let it find its way back with encouragement, not force!

And with that in mind, keeping a clean comb and brush will remove dirt that causes hair fall. Spend a few moments of a good brush wash before setting it down so that the next time you pick it up, it’s ready to roll.

Hot oil treatments once a week will help keep hair healthy. Indulge yourself with this treatment and your hair will thank you for years to come. Use gentle shampoo as well. Chemicals strip hair of its natural oil.

Source: Times of India