Hair Extensions: From Hollywood To Everywhere

In recent years, hair extensions have grown in popularity. Not only are assorted pop stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian sporting long-locked looks; the trend has spread to even your average house wife wanting to spice up a tired hairstyle. This evolution results in hair extensions at various price points and each with their own benefits and risks.

Hollywood stars have paved the path for a nationwide growth in the industry. Women know that many men prefer long hair and that sex appeal helps the industry. But hair extensions are also about having more control over both look and maintenance. While the risks of damage are real, when properly applied and maintained, hair extensions are safe for women of all ages and race.

Hair extensions are so popular that some stylists see them as common accessories, just like jewelry. Ken Paves, famous hair stylist, sums this up, stating, “Now putting on hair is just part of the wardrobe.” This rise in popularity does put high-quality hair at a premium.

The best approach to ensuring you get a quality result is to do your research. Price point is a mix of service, technique and quality of hair. Ask others for recommendations and talk to different stylists. You need to trust someone in a good salon to get the best hair and to do the best technique for your personal situation.

Hair extensions are here to stay. Piny Benzaken, the Beverly Hills wig and extension maker who claims to have invented extension wearing in 1977 for Farrah Fawcett, reflects upon the popularity of extensions, saying, “I love it when people feel beautiful, and beautiful hair is the fastest way to become beautiful.”

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Source: Hollywood Report