Hair Extensions And Hair Health

As hair extensions emerge as a popular, affordable option for all women, some people have expressed concern for how extensions might affect the health of their natural hair. In fact, some recent alarmist reports in the national media associate hair extensions with neurological damage and other serious conditions. However, the truth is that hair extensions, when prepared by a professional, pose no serious threat to your natural hair. In fact, some people use extensions as a protective layer to shield natural hair for external elements. In this manner, extensions can promote the growth and thickness of natural hair. However, whether you are working to promote growth or just adopting a new look for a short time, there are some areas to consider when adding hair extensions.

Start Loose

If you are having a full sew-in, ensure your stylist does not braid your natural hair too tightly. Tight braids do not make the sew-in any better and, in fact, the braids, if too tight, damage your natural hair, leading to hair loss and even chronic headaches. The problem here is not the extensions themselves, but an unprofessional and inappropriate application of the extension. The key is to work with a qualified specialist and to keep the original braiding loose.


Keep your natural hair moisturized. Using an eye dropper, apply recommended oils such as olive, coconut, and avocado oils that penetrate the hair shaft as well as oils like macadamia oil that coat the shaft. In this manner, your natural hair remains properly maintained and protected.


A good quality diet is essential for proper hair growth and maintenance. Be sure to take recommended dosages of biotin, vitamin A, folic acid, and vitamin E in your regular diet. Take supplements as needed, but focus on a balanced diet rich in those vitamins.

Your hair extensions need not damage your original hair nor should they bring you any additional health issues. Work closely with your hair specialists and you can enjoy the pleasures of hair extensions and keep your original hair strong and beautiful.

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