Dressing Up For Less

You shouldn’t let anything stop you from wanting to look your best. While you may not always have the money for those designer jeans or fancy heels you’ve been eyeing in the window, you can still dress to the nines without spending a fortune.

Draw inspiration from your favorite outfits. Use colors that look good on you, and get clothes that are similar to the ones you spot while window shopping. If you see a beautiful dress while window shopping that’s way out of your budget, go home and look up the same style of dress to find something that still looks good on you.

However, try not to buy knock-offs, or replicas of designer clothing. If you really want it, save up for it and make yourself happy with your purchases. In the meantime, find other inspiration for your outfits.

Accessorize and add as many decorations to your outfit as you want. Jewelry, scarves, handbags, etc. can all make your wardrobe look more complete without being too expensive. A simple outfit can be turned into a gorgeous ensemble with just a few additions. At the same time, be sure to spend your money wisely. Don’t try to get designer handbags or over-expensive jewelry, when pieces that compliment you can be found anywhere for a very small amount of money.

You shouldn’t have to empty your bank account every time you want a night out on the town. Find what looks good on you and accessorize with small items. Match your outfit with makeup and a confident attitude.

You can create your own style by drawing inspiration from fashion blogs, or just by people-watching downtown. Don’t restrict yourself to the latest trends of today. Be confident in what you like to wear, and don’t forget to walk with your chin up. Be your own fashion icon!

Source: All Women’s Talk