Difference Between Remy And Non Remy Hair

If you are shopping for Remy hair there are several factors that you have to watch for. It should be made of the finest quality both in workmanship and in the quality of the human hair itself. The reason that Remy hair is so popular is because of its ability to create a totally natural look when wearing it. Top quality Remy hair will have the cuticles of the hair intact; cuticles intact means that they that can be aligned properly in order for them to look 100% natural.


There is a certain amount of processing that even Remy 100% human hair go through. This includes deep wash and deep conditioning, and sometimes steaming processes to bring back the shine of hair and remove any impurities that might get accumulated during the manufacturing process. This light processing is safe enough to make sure that that the cuticles of the hair are all going in the same direction.

You have to be careful about the Remy hair that you are purchasing; they should be 100% human. One way to distinguish human hair from non-remy ones is by touching it, as the non Remy hair will have a different feel and texture to it. You can expect Remy hair to be cool to touch and it should feel silky. Not everyone can make these comparisons. If you do end up with non-remy or mixed hair, you will find that after a few weeks the hair begins to matt and knot.

As said there is very little processing that the actual hair goes through but sometimes it has to be subjected to an acid bath. What this does is entirely removes the cuticle because during a gathering the cuticles have been in all different directions. Once this process has been completed then it gets dipped in silicone. This will add a beautiful shined to the hair and also camouflages any cuticles that were not removed during the acid bath. One of the greatest features about Remy hair is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is hypoallergenic. It is most important and that you buy your Remy hair from a dealer/brand selling certified products. This way you will know you were getting the real thing.