Gone are the days of the half-permed rag doll look. Hairstylists have found the solution to excessive heat styling of leave-outs in closures and frontals. These hair pieces eliminate the need for blending and create beautiful sew in installations. Though both can accommodate the style that you are looking for, it becomes necessary to understand the differences to select the best match for your desired look.

This article provides a quick and easy guide on how closures and frontals are different and how they help transform your look.

Closure or Frontal. Tough choice, right?

Closure or Frontal


 Even though closures and frontals serve a similar basic purpose of seamlessly closing-off weave install, the differences are well defined. Following are a few parameters where frontals and closures differ:

Size: The basic distinction between frontals and closure is size. Closures are much smaller than frontals. Frontals cover the hairline temple to temple and closures cover the crown area. Closures are generally 3×4inches, whereas frontals are 13×4 inches.

Materials: Closures are made with either of lace or silk or both, but frontals are mostly made with lace. Closures made with silk tend to imitate the scalp when viewed up close, whereas lace based closures and frontals blend better with the scalp and give the user a more natural appearance.

Maintenance: The difference in material used determines the effort in hair maintenance.  Lace closures sometimes require bleaching or use of knot sealer spray as some hair-strands may stick out of the mesh. This situation does not occur for silk closures, as they are reinforced with lace material which covers the knots. Frontals are delicate pieces and require one to be gentle with them. Excessive combing and brushing may damage the frontals.

Installation: Despite the difference in chosen material, closures and frontals look best when customised. Both closures and frontals can be sewn in or constructed into a wig that can either be sewn together with real hair or can be worn as a removable wig.

Which one is better?

If you like pulled back hairstyles, frontals are the ones to go for. A wig with a frontal gives you the most styling flexibility as it does not expose tracks.

Closures cover a small portion of your scalp and are easy to install, this makes them the most fitting alternative for straightforward daily looks like ones with a center partition.

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