Celebrity inspired summer hairstyles

The trim is in - Go short this summer for a sexy, carefree and easy look. As fun as it is, the summer months can be gruelling for some of us. One of the simplest ways to help with that is by letting your neck be free of thick locks of hair and the sweat that comes with it. Wondering what you could do with short hair? oh darling, you can do more than you think! Go sleek with an angled bob, or go wavy with a layered cut. Try edgy with a seriously short bob, or keep it flirty with a fun lob.

Of Braids & Twists – Maintaining long hair in the summer can be hard with all the heat, but that’s why we have braids! Apart from keeping your hair in place and out of your face, braids are such versatile hairstyles. Add embellishments to create tight bejeweled braids or keep it simple and pretty, you can’t go wrong!

Knot it like it’s hot – As simple as they are, top knots are in and they’re here to stay. Is there a better way to beat the heat and still look chic doing it? I don’t think so! The higher version of a classic hair bun, the top knot is super easy to create. Wear this pulled back hairstyle by opting for a sleek and neat look, or go messy by allowing a few strands of your hair to hang loose. Another way to really amp up this style is by mixing it up with a braid or adding hair accessories. Take a look at the celebrities below, who show us how it’s done.

It’s the half bun, Hun – I for one, love wearing my hair loose and flowy, even in the summer. Yet, I need it to be out of my face. The half bun works out perfectly for me! You can show off my long locks, while also bundling up the front of your hair into a top knot. This hairstyle really is as easy as a regular top knot and doesn’t require too much time to create. You can go for one bun, or make it two space buns to change up your look. Hairspray the loose strands to stay in place, and you’re good to go!

Long or short, curly or straight, pulled back or let loose, we’ve got your hair situation covered! You can attain any of the above hairstyles with our Natural Remy Virgin Indian Hair or our Clip-in hair extensions.

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