6 Ways to Maintain your Weave in Summer

With the summer heat ablaze, you might wonder how your extensions will fare with the exposure to the sun and all of the swimming activities you have on your agenda. At this time of the year, it is harder than usual to keep your weave looking fresh and beautiful. Don’t worry, ladies! We’ve got the lowdown on how you can rock your weave all summer long!

1. Invest in high quality human hair: Although the quality of your weave hair should always be top of mind, this is particularly important in the summer. Cheap weave hair tends to mat and tangle very easily. We highly recommend remy hair – where the cuticles are aligned in the same direction.

2. Wash your hair more frequently: Since you sweat more in the summer heat, it is crucial to shampoo and condition your hair more frequently during these months, to prevent the heavy dirt and sweat build-up that can cause itching.

3. Try wavy or curly textures: Not only are beach waves and curls sexy and trendy for the summer, but if your actual hair is curly, your weave will naturally curl and blend with your leave-out on those humid days.

4. Coat your hair with a conditioner before swimming: Coat your extensions with a conditioner such as Dove Moisture Therapy before entering the ocean or pool. Make sure the hair is well coated so that the harsh chemicals in the pool or the salt in the ocean will not dry out the hair too much. You can always dilute some conditioner in a spray bottle, so it will help you spray the product evenly throughout your hair.

5. Wash your hair after swimming: After you’re done with some fun in the sun, wash and condition your hair – to make sure all of the chlorine or salt water is out of your hair.

6. Wear a hat: Not only are hats important for protecting your skin from exposure to the sun, but they also protect the extensions from the heat and direct rays of the sun. You can sport a fashionable headscarf, or even go classy with a fedora!

Are there any other protective tips that have helped you deal with the summer heat? Let us know in the comments below!

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