5 Common Weave Mistakes To Avoid

Weaves are awesome, and you are here because you know it! They can make your dream hair come true, and even win you umpty compliments. But, everyone who has ever used a hair weave would know that the mechanics of wearing one and maintaining one ain’t that easy.

Here are some common weave red flags, and ways to keep clear of them: –

5 Common Weave Mistakes To Avoid

Wearing Them Just Like That

You heard it right. You don’t just wear your hair weaves as they are. The whole point of investing in good quality hair is to have it look as glamorous, and natural as possible. It is important to get a good haircut that suits you and blends in with your natural hair. For instance, if you are looking to achieve long, sleek straight locks, you definitely do not want your weaves to hang uneven at the ends. At the time of sewing your hair, we suggest getting your stylist to give you a haircut that makes your weave achieve the right blend and flow it needs.

Keeping them in too long

Weaves made of Indian remy human hair are considered the best quality on the market. If that’s what you’ve invested in, your weave should last a year with proper maintenance, and across multiple installs. It is advised not to leave your weave in beyond 8 -10 weeks, as it can start looking limp and lifeless while also causing your new growth to mat and loc. It is important to take off the weave and let your natural hair breathe.

Forgetting Your Natural Hairline

Leaving your natural hairline out will make your weave look unnatural. To achieve the most natural and gorgeous look, we suggest you apply relaxers to your hairline and style it to make it go with your weave. Bonus point – Relaxer kits are pocket-friendly!

Not Keeping a Tab on The Odor

You hair weave can smell too, just like your natural hair. It deserves the same treatment like you give your natural hair. Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to detect a foul odor, especially since you are used to wearing it for long periods of time. It is therefore critical to keep tabs on the odor every now and then, and to wash your weave twice a week.

Buying Synthetic Hair

The last but most expensive mistake people make is to save a few bucks by investing in synthetic hair. Human hair weaves cost a little extra, but it also lasts much longer. It can also be styled to taste without adverse effects. On the long run, weaves made out of human hair are a better investment. We suggest you to invest in good quality human hair from a trusted source to achieve the perfect look you desire.

Let this be a handy not-to-do-list for your weaves and a guide to rocking your weaves in style! Leave your comments if you have experienced any other challenges while wearing weaves.

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